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I think it is very relevant to our goals of keeping children with their birth mothers, rather than allowing them to be sent to orphanages and a bleak future.  Your donation to our work has long lasting benefit to children.  We believe in support for family over institutional care!

The Ark of Hope is a residential home for young mothers, who do not have any support from family, partners or society to help raise a child.


The project aims to give temporary assistance to mothers to prevent orphanhood, to assist young mothers to transform their lives, to counsel mothers to ovecome past backgrounds, to empower mothers with values, skill training and employment so they can return to the community as independant prospective individuals.


Objectives of the project:


  • Prevention of children going into orphanges

  • Break the viscious cycle of poverty

  • Help young mothers gain independence

Ark of Hope
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Ark of Hope provides the only way available for Living Hope residents to keep their children, instead of abandoning them to the orphanage system.  We believe that this is best for the child rather than being raised by the state.  Most of our mothers have no (concept) adaption to society, as they grew up in orphanages or dysfunctional families themselves.  We help them to build a positive relationship with their baby and encourage positive and effective parenting.  We assist with medical care, obtaining documents to gain a state allowance, find relatives and help to obtain housing and additional training such as cooking classes, budgeting and preperation for independant living.  Our social workers and psychologists work with local state departments and organisations to help achieve the best care and training for the young mothers.

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